About Franklin Sensors

About Us

Franklin Sensors is known for its highly accurate and easy to use stud finders. Our stud finders are designed using the latest technology and are carefully constructed to provide years of reliable operation.

Franklin Sensors is the first company to invent, and bring to market, the instant stud finder. The instant stud finder can instantly detect studs, and its accuracy is significantly higher than conventional electronic stud finders.

Our goal at Franklin Sensors is to produce the finest, most advanced stud finders in the world that will meet the expectations of the most demanding professionals. In order to achieve our goal we adhere to the following principles:

  • Products are designed with the latest technology.
  • Our products will consistently have the highest quality.
  • Production processes are carefully tuned to ensure consistent quality.
  • We stand behind our products to ensure high customer loyalty.


In the Founder's Own Words

At the age of about 10 I discovered a book in our school library entitled, “Homer Price.” Homer Price was an adventurous boy who loved building radios, computers, and other unique gadgets. Homer Price captured my imagination and quickly became my favorite book. There was something magical about someone who could create useful devices from ordinary electronic components.

This sparked a love for electronics and a desire to understand how they worked and what I could build with them. This interest continued to grow, and eventually I received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. I then went to work at Intel designing cutting-edge microprocessors. Later I worked at Samsung where I helped develop the world’s fastest computer memory chips, and at Broadcom I worked on a team that made the highest performance core logic chipsets for servers that had ever been made.

I have also always been interested in construction and home improvement. It started as a young boy when my father seemed to be perpetually adding onto, and improving, our home. Seeing our home get bigger and nicer was always exciting. I would often be right there watching, helping, and learning. In the end, I think we built about half of our home ourselves.

Then one day I was installing shelves in a closet at my home. I needed to find the studs hidden in the wall so I bought the best stud detector I could find. I scanned the wall for the studs. Then I scanned again and again. At the completion of each scan I marked the location where the stud finder indicated the position of a stud. I quickly noticed that I had marked the wall in numerous locations, and that each mark was in a different place. In disbelief I thought “there must be a better way,” and the development of the ProSensor 710 had begun.

David Dorrough

Founder and President